The Festival of the Lost was an event in Destiny that took place during Halloween in 2015 and 2016. During the event, Guardians could participate in various Halloween-themed activities to obtain masks and special consumables.

2015 (The Taken King)Edit

Festival of the Lost 2015 ran from October 26 to November 9. It introduced masks, pieces of armor that were equipped in the Helmet slot and had 0 Light. There were two types of masks: rare-quality, which became unusable after the event, and legendary-quality, which persisted after the event.


Empty candy satchel


Full candy satchel

At the start of the event, Eva Levante gave Guardians an Empty Candy Satchel, which could be filled with candy by killing enemies in PvE or Crucible activities. When the satchel was full, Guardians could bring it back to Eva to obtain a Gifts of the Lost mystery bag, which would give a random rare mask and random Halloween-themed consumables. Legendary masks and the same consumables were given by Legacy of the Lost mystery bags, which could be obtained from quests or purchased from Eververse Trading Company. Rare masks could be upgraded to legendary using a Paper Glue consumable, which could be found in mystery bags or by dismantling other legendary masks.

Eververse Trading Company also sold three legendary emotes: Boo, Monster Dance, and Zombie Dance.


2016 (Rise of Iron)Edit

Festival of the Lost 2016 occurred from October 25 to November 8. Unlike the 2015 event, all masks were legendary and persisting, and Paper Glue was neither given nor needed. Some masks could be obtained by trading a full candy satchel to Eva Levante, others could be earned by completing quests, and the rest could only be obtained from Treasures of the Lost mystery bags.

All Crucible matches for the duration of the Festival took place at night. In Trials of Osiris matches, the radar was disabled and fallen Guardians could not be revived.

The sweeper frame in the Tower Plaza was missing its broom. It could be found in the Tower Hangar on a shelf. Picking it up gave a Guardian the Lost Broom Sparrow. After the event ended, the Lost Broom was removed from Guardians' inventories, and the sweeper frame had its broom again.

In addition to the three legendary emotes from 2015 (Boo, Monster Dance, and Zombie Dance), Eververse Trading Company offered the Howl and Terrify emotes.


Other ItemsEdit

Shader Activity
Candlelight Random drop from Strike Hoard chests.
Sea of Tears Trade full candy bags to Eva Levante for Gifts of the Lost.
Superblack Complete the trading sequence starting from Ascendant Raisins.
Unquiet Spirit Random drop from Crucible matches.
Emblem Activity
Frame's Honor Complete the quest Old Wolf, New Tricks
Midnight Hunt Complete Trials of Osiris matches