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Factions are in-universe groups with which Guardians can align themselves. Faction representatives are located in the Tower, selling unique weapons and armor for their factions.[1][2]

Factions allow players to purchase specific legendary weapons and armor, but only after they earn a certain amount of faction reputation. Each faction requires a player have acquired a reputation of level 2 to purchase Legendary Armor, and level 3 to purchase legendary weapons. Each faction also offers emblems in exchange for Crucible marks. The default factions are the Vanguard for PvE, and the Crucible for PvP.

To gain faction reputation other than the Vanguard and Crucible a Hunter Cloak, Titan Mark or Warlock Bond bearing the faction insignia must be equipped while completing in-game activities such as Crucible matches, bounties, and patrols. These items can only be used by characters of level 20 or above.

Each faction's armor focuses on a different pair of attributes, which allows players to focus on the abilities they would like to use more often.

Core Factions Edit

At Rank 3 and for every rank beyond that, the five core factions will award a Legendary item with randomized abilities.

The Cryptarch will award a player with reputation, 2-3 engrams, and approximately 200 glimmer.

Additional Factions Edit


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