List of Eva Levante's DialogueEdit

"Actually, this is good, stay right there. I have some things I want to model on you."



"Can I help you?"

"Come back soon."

"Good luck, Guardian."

"Guardian, come in. Let me explain what I do."

"Guardian, I am completely serious about this. I want to make you look good."

"Guardian, oh! I never know quite what to say."

"Guardian, it's an honor."

"Let's get started."

"Let's see."

"Let's see, let's see."

"Okay... Cloaks."

"Okay. Bye then."

"Pull yourself together Eva, start again."

"See you around."

"See you around, Guardian."

"See you later, I hope."

"So long, Guardian."

"Stay safe."

"Tell your friends about Eva."

"Tell your friends about old Eva."

"What's right for you, Warlock? Something arcane but not too showy?"

"You're considering it?"