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The cradle of humanity - a world of ancient glory, waiting to be retaken.
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Earth is the native homeworld of the human species. The planet currently lies mostly in ruins except for the City, which was rebuilt following extraterrestrial assaults. It currently lies under the protection of the Traveler.

Earth is continuously under attack by various alien species. With the help of the Traveler and its mystical powers, the Guardians protect Earth and strive to recover its conquered areas.


Earth is home to a number of locations that can be visited by Guardians. Below is a complete list of the known locations on Earth.

  • The City - humanity's last remaining  civilization, located below the Tower.
  • Tower - home of the Guardians, a non-combat social place.
  • Old Chicago - the town of ruins once known as Chicago.
  • Old Russia - a toxic, alien-infested wasteland once known as Kazakhstan.
  • Twilight Gap - an important part of humanity's history home to the Crucible map of the same name.
  • The Wall - a large barrier built by the Titans to protect the City from alien species.
  • Overwatch District - a district in the City, a non-combat social place.
  • Mumbai Push - a ruined land filled with "jungle-choked towers" presumably known once as Mumbai, India.
  • Eastern Flood Zone - a flat, dry grassland home to the Crucible map Rusted Lands.
  • European Dead Zone - an unknown area presumed to be in or near what was once known as Europe.
  • Array - a large building in or near Old Russia.


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