For the location on Mars, see Dust Palace (Location).
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A new Cabal force has unleashed powerful Psion Flayers to seize control of the old Martian Warmind. Face this new threat and secure what remains of the ancient network.
― In-game description

Dust Palace is a strike in Destiny and takes place in Meridian Bay, Mars. It was exclusive to Playstation platforms until September 15, 2015.


  • Enter the Dust Palace
  • Breach the Door
  • Hold it Down
  • Fight to the Cortex
  • Access Cortex Controls
  • Defeat the Flayers


{Loading screen}

  • CAYDE-6: The Dust Palace is lost to us again... back in Cabal hands. Word is they've let Psion Flayers out of their cages to dig around in the Central A.I.'s Cortex, which means they really want what's buried in there. If Rasputin was protecting it, it's valuable. We've got to flush those Flayers out.


The trio of Guardians lands in the Hollows. They heard into the Clovis Bray skyscraper on their left.

  • GHOST: According to Vanguard reports from Cayde, the Psion Flayers are already at the top of the Dust Palace—we'd better move.

The fireteam heads inside the basement of the building, meeting Cabal there. One of the Guardians sends their Ghost to open a nearby door. As they defend themselves against larger Cabal forces, the door eventually opens and they find themselves in the mezzanine.A platoon of Cabal, including Centurions, litter the area. The Guardians fight their way up until they find another locked door. As the Ghost hacks the control panel, Vex warp in and join the battle. They are eliminated and the trio make their way to the Overwatch. After fighting through Phalanxes and Colossus, the team reach a third locked door. The Ghost unlocks it, and after a short battle with more Cabal and Vex, the fireteam heads outside. They finally reach the roof of the skyscraper. A control panel sits at the rear of the roof, while a helipad is on the opposite side. The team eliminates the Cabal presence there. One of the Guardian's Ghosts hacks into the control panel. On the helipad, three pools of light appear. Eventually, three very large Psion Flayers—Vatch, Numoc, and Kolar—appear from those circles and attack the trio. The Flayers each wear long holographic cloaks and bear a shield for each element that matches—Solar, Void and Arc, respectively. As they continue fighting, Harvesters drop off numerous reinforcements, including Centurions and Colossus. Eventually the Psions fall one at a time until they are all exterminated.

  • GHOST: Nice work! I'll let the Vanguard know the Flayers are dead.
  • CAYDE: If those Psion Flayers were tangling with Rasputin, they are way more powerful than we realize We better keep an eye on where the Cabal deploy those things, who knows what their minds can do?

Mission ends.