A damage type is an attribute of a weapon or ability that has potential to do bonus damage depending on an enemy's shield or whether or not a Burn modifier is active.

The color of an enemy's shield represents which damage type it is vulnerable to. Using a damage type against the corresponding shield will do 200% damage. Using a damage type against a non-corresponding shield will do 100% damage.[1]

Burn modifiers increase a damage type's damage to 200% for Guardians and 300% for enemies.[2]

Damage Type Description Effective against Subclasses
Kinetic damage icon Kinetic Physical damage.
Arc damage icon Arc Related to electricity. Blue shields: Captains, Knights (with Epic modifier), Harpies (with Epic modifier) Bladedancer, Stormcaller, Striker
Fire damage icon Solar Related to fire. Orange shields: Wizards, Centurions, Shanks (with Epic modifier) Gunslinger, Sunbreaker, Sunsinger
Void damage icon Void Related to gravity and dark energy. Purple shields: Minotaurs, Psions (with Epic modifier) Defender, Nightstalker, Voidwalker


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