A cryptarch is one who specializes in crypto-archaeology, which is the study of encrypted matter, such as Glimmer or engrams.[1] In addition to decrypting engrams Guardians find out in the wild,[2] Cryptarchs are also responsible for interpreting intel on enemy species,[3][4] decoding mysterious technologies,[5] and rediscovering Golden Age secrets.[6]



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Upon achieving Cryptarch Reputation rank 1, coded engrams will decode immediately when picked up. Starting at rank 3, Guardians will receive two to four encrypted or legendary engrams in the mail every time they rank up.

Cryptarch reputation can be increased by decrypting engrams:

  • Encoded (white) engram: +5
  • Coded (green) engram: +10
  • Encrypted (blue) engram: +50
  • Legendary (purple) engram: +75
  • Exotic (gold) engram: +250

Destiny 2Edit

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List of CryptarchsEdit


  • All of the Cryptarchs who appear in-game are Awoken. It is unknown if Human or Exo Cryptarchs also exist.


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