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A Fallen Captain wielding two swords.

Captains are responsible for the tactical coordination and leadership of individual Fallen packs in combat.


Captains seem to serve exclusively as infantry field commanders and likely are subordinate to higher ranking nobility amongst their species. They seem to prefer personally leading their subordinates into direct combat with the enemy, rather than command from a safe distance as a member of the rear guard. This strategy may imply a commendable lack of fear, or an exemplary level of pride amongst the Fallen and their regard to battlefield conduct.


Fallen Captains seem to frequently favor dual-wielding swords during front-line combat, even when engaging opponents utilizing projectile weaponry. Supplementing their homage to melee combat, Captains utilize the heaviest armor of all common Fallen infantry units. However, Captains will utilize an incendiary or shock projectile weapon for engaging opponents at slightly longer ranges.

Images have shown Fallen Captains deploying a floating orb of unidentified nature or purpose.

The Fallen Captains can deploy a globular energy shield to defend themselves from enemy attack. It is unknown if this technology is a passive or active piece of equipment, but it appears that the shielding will fail when subjected to continuous small arms fire. They also possess passive shielding represented by a white bar above their health, which slowly regenerates by itself if left alone for a few moments.

Notable CaptainsEdit

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