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The Black Heart is a Vex entity that unifies all Vex minds as one. It is located deep within the Black Garden and is heavily defended by the Sol Divisive, a very religious programming of Vex who worship the Black Heart as a god.

Near the Black Heart are three massive Vex who collectively make up a programming called the Sol Progeny: The Eschaton Mind, who represents the future and end of the world; the Imminent Mind, who represents the present at any moment; and the Primeval Mind, who represents the past and the beginning of time. These three defenders appear in some type of stasis until struck by the powers of the Black Heart, allowing them to reincarnate as normal Vex and fight off any intruders. The destruction of all three Sol Progenies will result in the destruction of the Black Heart. Destroying the Black Heart enables Light to begin returning to The Traveler.



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