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The Black Garden.

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The Garden grows in both directions. It grows into tomorrow and yesterday. The red flowers bloom forever.
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The Black Garden is a location on Mars.[1] It is entered via a portal accessible only with the eye of a Vex Gate Lord. The Garden is occupied by the Vex subgroup Sol Divisive who appear green with moss hanging from their bodies. The Sol Divisive seems to function as faithful protectors who worship an entity residing in the garden.


The Black Garden consists of vegetation and fauna like what is seen on Venus. Seemingly inactive Vex Goblins covered in roots and vines ominously litter the sides of pathways, and in several instances spring to life.

Vex resistance is heavy, and for good reason. The Exo Stranger describes Black Garden as a realm in which the Vex are mass produced, and further alleges that it will be Humanity's undoing. Upon first arriving, the Guardian's Ghost says that he cannot pinpoint their location in time or space.



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