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The others sing this song of Light and Dark. We, together, have transcended such unimaginative limitations.[1]

The Awoken are a bluish-gray-skinned player species in Destiny.[2] They are descendants of Humans who, during the Collapse, tried to run to the far edges of known space to escape The Darkness.[citation needed] Something mysterious and strange happened to them at the edge of Human-controlled space, which altered them forever.[citation needed]

Many of the Awoken live in The Reef, but others also live on Earth. Earth-born Awoken who adventure to The Reef often go unwelcomed by Queen Mara Sov as outsiders.[3]

Notable AwokenEdit

In addition to being a playable species, some characters are also Awoken. An unnamed Awoken character was shown in the E3 2013 gameplay reveal trailer.[4] The character brandished a Hand Cannon at a Warlock and spoke with a flanged voice.[4]


  • Bungie drew its inspiration for the Awoken from mythological creatures such as elves, vampires, ghosts, and angels.[2]



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