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Armor is protective equipment worn by Guardians to deflect damage and prevent injury. Armor is categorized by equipment slot and tier, with armor type and metal to material composition varying upon class.


Armor is divided into slots, with each slot corresponding to a different body part.[1]

All player classes can store and wear armor in four armor slots that are common across classes:[1][2]

In addition, each player class has a fifth armor slot unique to that class (Class Armor):[2]

One piece of armor can be equipped in each of the five slots at any time, while nine pieces of armor (and/or engrams) can be stored in inventory for each armor slot, thus allowing a player to carry up to 50 total pieces of armor and/or engrams (but no more than 10 of any one type) at once.[3]

Rarity TierEdit

The tier classification system divides armor on rarity and quality:[4]

Though players may carry as many exotic armor items as they like in their inventory, only one piece of exotic armor (and one exotic weapon) may be equipped at one time.[4]

Defense, Bonuses, and UpgradesEdit

Each piece of armor has a base defense level.[5] The base defense level reflects the strength of the piece of armor and contributes to the player's overall defense level.[5]

Some armor may include bonuses to certain player attributes, allowing for additional bonuses as follows:[5]

Additionally, some pieces of armor can be upgraded by gaining Experience.[5] Upgrades may grant additional boosts to various statistics, such as the armor's defense level, faster reload times for certain weapons, or faster cooldown times for grenades or player abilities.[5]

Armor SetsEdit

Some individual pieces of armor are part of an Armor Set, a group of armor pieces that share the same name, manufacturer, and rarity tier.[5] See Category:Armor Sets for a list of all armor sets.

List of ArmorEdit

See Category:Armor for a list of all individual pieces of armor.



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