Ares Pod 2

Ares One was the first manned space mission to Mars after The Traveler arrived in the Solar system.


With the Traveler having visited Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury, humanity wanted to see the Traveler in action to observe it. There were three humans aboard, serving as the mission's crew: Jacob Hardy, Mihaylova, and Qiao. At first, people were unsure if the Traveler would stop at Mars at all, but it was approved regardless to analyze if the Traveler posed a threat.[1]

Due to a twenty minute communications delay, the Ares 1 crew would have to land on their own. While searching for a safe location to land, there was a malfunction engine three which Qiao and Mihaylova manually corrected, as Hardy landed the ship.[2] They then left their ship armed with rifles and proceeded on foot.[3]

Ares One Traveler

At the top of a ridge, they saw the Traveler making it rain on the desert world as it terraformed the planet. Hardy was amazed at the Traveler's power, and believed it was the key to advancement. Later, humanity would live on Mars and other worlds the Traveler touched, bringing about the Golden Age.[4]


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