Amanda's plan to prove the Guardian's worth to Cayde-6.
― In-game description

A Nod from Cayde is a quest composed of three steps.[1] It is obtained after completing the quest Impress Lord Shaxx and ultimately rewards the legendary Sparrow SR-1 Swiftriver.

Quest StepsEdit

Step OneEdit

Quest step icon Prove Yourself in the Sunless Cell
"Kill Hive Shriekers and destroy the Unstable Core in the Sunless Cell on the Dreadnaught."


  1. Destroy 6 Hive Shriekers
  2. Destroy unstable core

Step TwoEdit

Quest step icon Stand against the Shield Brothers
"Defeat the Shield Brothers on the Dreadnaught in the time allotted."


  1. Complete Shield Brothers

Step ThreeEdit

Quest step icon Talk to Amanda
"Speak to Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar."


  1. Speak to Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar.


  1. SR-1 Swiftriver
  2. Experience
  3. Vanguard Reputation


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